reynolds software engineeering group, inc.

rseg is a software consulting company dedicated to helping enterprises deploy quality software based solutions that enhance their capabilities.

Cinemark Apps

2014 Xammy Awards Finalist
80% shared code between Android and iOS

Cinemark App Screenshots for iOS and Android

Cinemark Apps

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GTA Prepaid Apps

GTA is an innovative, full-service communications company dedicated to enhancing the lifestyles, productivity and future of Guam’s residents, businesses and government agencies.
GTA Prepaid Apps Wireframes
  • Quick Start training for the Xamarin Platform and RESTful service development
  • Application Architecture
  • Proof of Concept Architectural Prototypes

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Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Android by Mark Reynolds
Xamarin Essentials by Mark Reynolds

Xamarin Books

Packt Publishing and Mark Reynolds proudly present two books to get you up and running with the Xamarin platform.

Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Android

Learn to develop full featured Android apps using your existing C# skills with Xamarin.Android

Xamarin Essentials

Learn how to efficiently develop Android and iOS apps and share code using the Xamarin platform

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