Up and Running with Xamarin

Want to adopt the Xamarin Platform but not sure how to get started?

Adopting new technologies can be challenging:

  • How can I get my team trained and productive quickly?
  • Will I make the right architectural decisions?
  • Can we meet our project dates and goals?

Let rseg help you reduce your risk by bringing our real-world Xamarin experience and partnering with your delivery team. We can help by:

  • Providing quick start training
  • Outlining an application architecture based on your requirements
  • Leading a proof of concept project to validate the application architecture
  • Providing ongoing training and mentoring for your team

Xamarin Mobile App Delivery

Need an app but don’t have the resources to build, test, deploy, and monitor it?

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, rseg wants to work with you to deliver a mobile solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Its not over when you get the app in the store, we want to partner with you long term to ensure the app is performing well and helping your organization achieve its goals.

Xamarin Mobile App Consulting

Need additional bandwidth or expertise for your mobile project?

rseg is ready and willing to jump in and help you through the tough decisions and crazy timelines associated with delivering mobile solutions. We bring the experience and energy you need to get over that hump.

Mobile App Testing with Xamarin Test Cloud

Daunted by the prospect of testing your next mobile app?
  • How can you possibly test on enough devices to feel comfortable your app will work properly?
  • How can you automate some portion of your testing so that you can regression test new releases?

Xamarin Test Cloud is a unique offering that gives you a fighting chance to verify your app will function properly on the myriad of devices and OS versions it will face in the real world.

rseg can help by partnering with your team to develop a strategy for testing your mobile app and identifying the most effectively ways to use Test Cloud. We can provide training to get your team up and running with Test Cloud quickly or we can also take on the entire test suite development effort.